COP21 Paris: Corporate Watchdogs Want Big Polluters out of Climate Talks

PARIS-Corporate Accountability International and the Corporate Europe Observatory Foundation presented a press briefing at COP21 in Paris on December 3, 2015 titled Fueling the Fire: the Big Polluters Bankrolling COP21.  The group reported that four corporate sponsors alone are responsible for 200 megatons of Carbon Dioxide CO2 emissions and 46 coal fired power plants.

Three presenters talked about the corruption of the climate negotiations by corporate influence.   KGNU reported about this influence specifically from Cop19 in Warsaw where the President of COP19 held an International Coal and Climate Summit simultaneously with the climate negotiations.  Here the World Coal Association was invited and civil society organizations staged actions against their presence at the climate talks.  We reported directly from those actions.

KGNU also reported last October of 2015 of the complaint by civil society organizations, or observer groups who were barred from negotiating rooms while big polluter corporations were not.

In the following press briefing Tamar Lawrence-Samuel from Corporate Accountability International talks about the groups new project titled Kick Big Polluters Out.

We also hear from:

Olivier Hoedeman of Corporate Europe Observatory and Asad Rehman of friends of the Earth.