The People’s Climate Summit: Groups Give up on COP21 Negotiations and Present Own Solutions

PARIS-The Peoples Climate Summit, a regular event outside of the UN Climate Summit where grassroots communities routinely organize outside of the UN Climate Summit happened this weekend in downtown Paris.  Here grassroots communities shared strategies and solutions to the climate crisis , and shared their work to advance cross-border movement building. Here in Paris, the 2-day event included over 50 workshops, meetings and film screenings.

Globally Indigenous communities are reporting human rights violations associated with the REDD instrument, Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation that international institutions are pushing on indigenous peoples and their land. In its basic form REDD allows polluting industries to pay to continue polluting.  Today we hear from voices who are fighting land grabs, the privatization of natural resources, and the associated violent evictions.

On Sunday the panel titled NO REDD presented at the Peoples Climate Summit.

First we hear from Ruth Nyambura based in Nairobi, Kenya with the organization African Eco Feminist Collective and then Dr. Firoze Manji author and editor of Pambazuka Press.  Facilitating is Nimmo Bassey, Director of the Health of Mother Earth Foundation, an environmental and advocacy organization.

You will also hear a follow-up interview with Ruth Nyambura of Kenya.



photos:  KGNU News

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