Involving men and boys in the movement to end domestic abuse.

Safe Shelter of St. Vrain is launching a new campaign to involve men and boys in the movement to end domestic violence. Known as the White Ribbon campaign, it began in 1991 in Canada, and is now the largest event of its kind in the world. Jackie List, the Executive Director of Safe Shelter, says that bringing this campaign to Boulder County will raise awareness of domestic abuse, but will also closely examine the culture and root causes of attacks by men.


“That’s really where our focus is going to be, looking at what masculinity really means and how it is that so many men and boys go down the road of interpersonal violence.”

According to a Safe Shelter press release, the campaign is designed to promote healthy relationships and to have the men and boys involved be ambassadors of gender equality in an informed and capable way. They will wear a white ribbon, showing their pledge to speak out against domestic violence. List says they will also need to address these issues in “the most positive way so that they’re heard.”

Safe Shelter was created in 1978 as a place of refuge for battered women who needed a safe place to stay. They community efforts have included 5K runs, candlelight vigils and luncheons, as well as working with government officials. in 2014, Safe Shelter lent help to nearly 2,000 callers and housed over 200 adults in children for a total of 3,521 nights. They also gave 70 people help with legal issues.