Creating a Culture of Allies

From Friday November 13th through Monday November 16th at CU Boulder, there will be a workshop and training on creating a culture of allies. The session is designed to help people bridge the gaps that exist between those of different races, ages, faith, gender identity, sexual orientation and others.  Amina Knowlan, the founder of Matrix leadership, the group organizing the workshop, says that all people, even those who believe they are aware of their privilege, have work to do when it comes to bridging these gaps. “I work with conscious people everywhere, some more so than others, and I would say that it’s still peeling away the layers of ‘I got trained from watching TV in the 50s and 60s on, to see people like me on those screens, so I am unaware still of what a trans person must go through or what it’s like to walk through an airport and be racially profiled.  I’m asleep to these places where I have privilege.'”


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