Candle light vigil for for prairie dogs in Longmont

Last week, Longmont resident Susan Sommers saw exterminators laying down poison for prairie dogs at a 17 acre site that backs up to the St. Vrain River, just off CO 119 on Hover in Longmont.  Sommers says the laws in Longmont require a developer to contact a city prior to exterminating prairie dogs, however this piece of land is privately owned so the land owner was not obliged to inform the city of his plans.

Sommers says the extermination of the prairie dogs has a knock on effect on other wildlife as the prairie dog is a key stone species…”it’s a food source for raptors…it’s a multi-prong kind of problem.”


Wildlands Defense will hold a candle light vigil to raise awareness about the plight of the prairie dogs on Saturday November 14th from 6.00-6.30pm at 1901 Hover Street in Longmont.