All In: How our work first culture fails Dads, families and businesses –  and how we can fix it together.

“Men are suffering in the shadows.”

Josh Levs says his book takes a look at the structures that are hurting families in general such as a lack of work/life balance, economic stresses and a fast-paced, constantly-connected reality.  Levs says the untold story however, is how Dads are being hurt “Dads are suffering from work/life conflict as much as or according to one study, even more than mothers are. Dads are stressed.”

Levs says men are suffering in the shadows because talking about anxiety and stress and mental health issues has been stigmatized “so many men were raised to believe that you don’t talk about this, that it’s somehow unmanly to do so.”  Levs says his generation recognizes that stigmatizing of mental health issues is ridiculous, but he says, we must do something to end that dynamic “we must do something to end these stigmas, to think of these stigmas as a bully and to speak out.”  Levs says people need to speak out about their own struggles with mental health and stress to help de-stimagitize it “the more we have conversations…the more we will help men all over the country and around the world understand that they are not alone and that they can seek help.”

Levs will give the keynote address at a forum on men’s mental health on Thursday in Denver.


Healthy Men HaveHealthy Minds: A Forum to Engage Men in Dialogue about Mental Health happens Thursday, November 19, 2015 2:15 pm – 5:00 pm,  Saint Joseph Hospital, Russell Pavilion, 1375 East 19th Avenue, Denver.

Guys Night Out for Gentlemental Health, a fund-raiser for Man Therapy, Project Sanctuary and the Carson J Spencer Foundation happens Thursday, November 19th at 5.30pm Casselman’s Bar in Denver.