The Great Divide: Water and Water Law in Colorado

“Unfortunately nothing is uncomplicated about water”

In his new documentary, The Great Divide, film maker Jim Havey illustrates the complex and sensitive issue of water and water law in the state of Colorado in order to raise public awareness and understanding of such a critical issue. Colorado’s water heritage dates back many years, according to filmmaker Jim Havey. The documentary recounts the history of water in the state, from the Ancient Puebloan cultures to today’s water law.

Havey says he hopes to inspire personal responsibility and bring to light the complex issues surrounding not only Colorado’s usage of water, but also the effect the state’s usage has on other states downriver from Colorado.

The film features Colorado’s top water experts, historians and conservations and illustrates issues such as water law, water direction, and the conflicts stemming from the control of such a precious resource for this area of the United States.


The film will be screened at 7.30pm on Thursday October 8th at the Dairy Center for the Arts in Boulder, followed by a Q & A with Jim Havey.



All Photos: Copyright Havey Productions