Hemp Business Journal launches in Colorado

“Hemp, it’s not marijuana, it’s not THC based and it’s really part of a larger sustainability based movement.”

Sean Murphy saw a defect of accurate data and information available on line about the hemp industry “we found that a lot of it was inaccurate and in some cases it was wrong.” Murphy said that lack of clear data was limiting the industry from growing and it prompted him to launch the Hemp Business Journal.

Murphy says there is often confusion about what hemp actually is “anything under .3% THC is technically defined as hemp.”  Murphy says hemp is being used for an assortment of things from CBD (supplements and medicine) to industrial and consumer uses –  from bio-plastics to food to fiber for textiles.

Murphy says hemp farmers in Colorado face a major barrier in accessing quality seeds due to the ongoing federal prohibition of hemp.  Murphy says the hemp industry in Colorado is working on a seed certification system for hemp in the state, but he says for the first time there is a social-economic movement with hemp where industry is leading governmental change


The Hemp Business Journal will launch online in November with a paper version – printed on hemp paper – to follow.