Denver Joins People’s Climate Movement National Day of Action

It has been said that groups operating in a vacuum would be so much more powerful as a coalition. On Wednesday, multiple groups demonstrated the power of their collective voice.

Diverse groups such as the Colorado Progressive Coalition,  American Indian Movement, Rights for All People, Food and Water Watch, Earth Guardians, 350 Colorado, Rising Tide – Flood the System, GreenPeace, EcoJustice Ministries, SEIU, Sierra Club, Fossil Free CU Denver, Indigenous People’s Power Project, Jobs with Justice, Protegete, Take Denver Back Now, and Climate Reality Project joined together outside of the state Capitol to force legislators to hear their message.  About 200 people gathered.

Sophie Holy Elk Face is with Denver Natives 4 Climate Justice. Shes a 15 year old Otoe/Dakota Native who talked about climate change effects on the livelihood of her nation.

The People’s Climate Movement National Day of action also happened in 150 other cities nationwide. Fossil Free CU a coalition of students, staff, and faculty at the University of Colorado, along with other universities is pushing for divestment from the fossil fuel industry and  has promised to raise the level and frequency of their actions this year.