Boulder City Council Candidate Forums

As part of KGNU’s 2015 local election coverage, we hear from the 2015 Boulder City Council Candidates.

Oct 19: The following candidates were recorded separately due to scheduling constraints:

Jared Kaszuba


Comrade Keith Percy


Michael Kruteck


Candidates Cha Cha Spinrad and Jan Bruton:

(aired Oct 12th)

Cha Cha Spinrad and Jan Bruton
Boulder City Council Candidates Cha Cha Spinrad and Jan Bruton


Candidates Leonard MayLisa Morzel and Bob Yates:

(Aired Sept. 30th)

(download part 1)

Candidates Suzanne JonesJyotsna Raj  and Bill Rigler:

(Aired on Sept. 30th)

(download part 2)

Candidates Cindy Carlisle, Ed Jabari and Aaron Brockett:

(aired Oct 5th)


Candidates Don Cote,  JulieMcCabeTim Plass:

(aired Oct 6th)

Boulder City Council Candidates: Cote McCabe Plass