Naropa University Prairie Dog Colony at Risk of Lethal Control

Those passionate about protecting a prairie dog colony at Naropa University gathered on Sunday to protest the university’s plan to kill a prairie dog colony on the school’s Nalanda campus on east Arapahoe Avenue .  The protest started after it was discovered it had filed for a lethal control permit with the City of Boulder.  Deanna Meyer works with WildLands Defense and was an organizer of the protest and works to protect prairie dog colonies in Colorado including a highly visible in the media colonies in Castle Rock.

Meyer told KGNU that because of old ordinances established in the 1990’s that the City of Boulder won’t tell  the public  who files applications for a lethal control permit.  She says that the city will “protect the people who file the application saying they will never expose who submitted the application” which she says is “questionable considering it’s a governmental agency withholding information to the public of poisoning or killing of wildlife which we all hold in common.”

An employee who didn’t wish to be identified said that Naropa was working on finding a location for the prairie dogs but was not aware of the lethal control permit.

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