International Groups Will Call on Obama to Release Key Peace Negotiator from Supermax at Rally

In a rare move seen outside of the Colorado Florence Supermax prison, human rights groups will gather Monday to rally and demand President Obama release Colombian leader of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia People’s Army-the FARC.  Simon Trinidad is currently incarcerated there in solitary confinement under a sixty-year sentence for what supporters say are trumped charges.

This follows the beginning of the 35th round of peace talks that is moving toward a framework to end the decades-long conflict in Colombia and achieve lasting peace.  This current round of talks began in Havana, Cuba in April and KGNU was there to bring you coverage of that historic event.

Attorney for Simon Trinidad, Mark Burton of Denver talked to KGNU about why Trinidad’s release is so important to peace in the western hemisphere and about the upcoming rally.

A panel discussion about the case will take place this Sunday at the Posner Center, 1031 33rd Street in Denver at 6 pm.

The rally will take place outside of the Florence Supermax Prison Facility at  5880 CO Highway-67, at 11 am and KGNU will bring you coverage from the event.

Mark Burton
Mark Burton participates in the Colombian Peace Talks in Havana, Cuba in April, 2015.