Boulder Police Caught on Video Kneeing Boulder Resident

This summer local ordinances are being reviewed that address sitting, lying, and resting in public.  In Colorado Springs sitting on streets and sidewalks may be banned and in Fort Collins the city is reviewing the distinction between illegal camping and sleeping in public to reduce the amount of arrests.
In Boulder, police were recently caught on video tackling a resident and then kneeing the resident while he was face down on the ground.  The resident was holding an unlit cigarette according to witnesses.  Another Boulder resident presented the video at Tuesday’s city council meeting along with the below pictures that he said demonstrate unequal enforcement of Boulder’s municipal smoking ban that he believes was created to target the unhoused residents of Boulder.  Another Boulder resident talked about how targeted arrests are contributing to mass incarceration in the city.



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Darren O’Conner presented this picture to city council to demonstrate how this person was not approached about smoking in a restricted area.
Another example of a smoker in a restricted area.