Universal Health Care in Colorado

“It’s a purple plan for a purple state.”

Denver author and documentary film maker T.R. Reid and State Senator and doctor Irene Aguilar are part of Colorado Care which has just launched an initiative to get a measure on the 2016 state wide ballot that would provide Universal Health Care to everyone in Colorado.  Senator Aguilar says she was prompted to work towards a state-wide initiative due to the discontent she hears about the Affordable Care Act.

Petitioners need to gather 99,000 certified signatures statewide to place the initiative on Colorado’s November 2016 ballot. Aguilar says health care delivery would continue to be done in the way that it is now but rather it would change how healthcare is paid for. Billing from health care providers would go directly to ColoradoCare and it would be paid for through a tax, employees would contribute 3.33 percent of gross income and employers would contribute 6.67 percent of payroll.

Find out more at http://coloradocareyes.co/