Radio Nibbles: Eugenia Bone and The Kitchen Ecosystem

This week John speaks with author Eugenia Bone about her latest book The Kitchen Ecosystem.

About The Kitchen Ecosystem: Recipes, cooking tips and blogs on creating a sustainable and self-sustaining kitchen. The Kitchen Ecosystem is a new way of looking at the food you buy, prepare, and discard. The secret to really tasty food is to make dishes with as many seasonal ingredients as possible, and eat them when they are fresh, preserving some for the off season, replacing the commercial products in your pantry with homemade ones, and using the byproducts like stocks, zests and juices to assist in the preparation, and bump up the flavor, of future dishes.

John Lehndorff is the former food editor at the Daily Camera, dining critic for the Rocky Mountain News, and Chief Judge at the National Pie Championships.

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