KGNU 2015 Youth Radio Camp

The KGNU Youth Radio Camp 2015 WAS FUN!

Six teens came in to KGNU’s studios from July 20-22 and learned some tricks of the radio trade: Recording and editing skills; interviewing protocols and how to incorporate sound using field recorders.

Their imaginations took it from there.

Give their individual pieces a listen, and in case you missed Boulder’s biggest story of the year, the 2015 Radio Camp was there on the scene.

We’d love to have more of you join us…. There is a teen radio club in the making.

Let YOUR voice be heard.

2015 Radio Camp Team Final Project – Martian Band ‘Amoeba Desire’ lands to perform their latest hit and chat with our campers. And try vegetables.


Diego speaks with artist Andrew Woodward


Kate “What makes you Happy?”


Mihret & Ana “What was your first job, and did you enjoy it?”


Rowan “What’s your favorite summer song?”


Sophia “What do you think of when I say the words ‘zoo’ and ‘circus'”


Aliens in the studio?


‘Outer Space’: An Original Song