The Real Paleo Diet Cookbook

The “Paleo” diet is shorthand for paleolithic diet.  It’s also known as the Caveman or Stone-Age diet — and in recent years, it’s been one of the most searched-for diets on line.  The founder of the Paleo Diet movement is close to home for us – Colorado State University scientist Loren Cordain has published dozens of peer-reviewed research papers in prestigious science journals that look at nutrition, human health and the eating patterns of hunter gatherer ancestors.

His research indicates that we humans aren’t necessarily adapted to our modern foods, and that some of those foods, such as grains and dairy and processed sugar and even added salt, might lead to a condition called “leaky gut” which can increase the risk of allergies and aches and pains.  And if you believe a food like dairy should be a mainstay of the human diet, Cordain has a simple response – our Paleo ancestors didn’t have tame cows.  And have you ever tried milking a wild buffalo?

Fortunately, our Paleo ancestors did have access to vegetables and fruits and meat and nuts and fish.  And to make his point that these foods can be healthy and delicious, Loren Cordain has teamed up now with professional chefs to create a new recipe book “The Real Paleo Diet Cookbook”