Local Activists Protest Congressman Polis, Trans Pacific Partnership

“They’re saying it’ll make third world countries more responsible, when in reality it’s lowering the bar.”

Demonstrators stood outside Congressman Jared Polis’ offices in Boulder with signs protesting the Trans Pacific Partnership and his involvement.

Members of the Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center held large signs boldly calling for “No TPP” on Thursday afternoon, looking to bring awareness to the controversial trade treaties currently being discussed in Washington.

The Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) is a trade treaty that would open up more trade with the countries bordering the Pacific Ocean, hopefully increasing economies and partnerships within those countries.

According to activists however, there are faults with the way that the TPP is being handled. Mainly, they argue that all of the planning is being done behind doors, excluding the public from seeing the documents until their final draft.

The group hopes to raise awareness and increase action against the adaptation of TPP.