Front Range Farmers Struggle Against Heavy Rainfall

“What farmers really need is consistency”

At his farm in Longmont, Wyatt Barnes is having a tough season for his produce.

Heavy rains beginning in the spring and continuing through the summer have slowed down farm production along the Front Range and throughout Colorado.

At Barnes’ Red Wagon Organic Farm, he is facing a predicament that he hasn’t seen often in his 14 years farming in the area. Usually temperatures soar in July and August, leaving his fields parched, but this year is proving to be harder on his resources than that. Rain can halt all seeding and planting efforts, as the muddy fields become difficult to navigate, and can be permanently damaged if torn up by tractor wheels or similar abuse.

Barnes estimates that the weather has put him as far as 5 weeks behind schedule on his planting, as well as decreasing his overall harvest. He says most farmers in the area are facing similar challenges.


 (Images: Sebastian Meyer)