Four Mile Canyon residents oppose Boulder County reconstruction plans

“Safety is a big concern for everyone who lives in the canyon”

Four Mile CanyonBoulder County has proposed plans for a $14 million reconstruction plan in Four Mile Canyon following the fire in 2011 and the flood in 2013. Their propositions include blasting away rock faces, installing chain-link fencing to prevent rockslides, and pouring concrete in the bottom of a stream to increase flood resilience.

Residents of the canyon are not happy with the County’s ideas for reconstruction, and are saying that the county never asked for a vote or permission to redevelop the area.

There is a public meeting being held on Tuesday, July 28th from 5:30pm to 7:30pm at Alfalfa’s meeting room (1651 Broadway) in regards to the Four Mile Canyon redevelopment plans.


Images: Sebastien Meyer