Caravan for Cuba: Pastors for Peace comes through Boulder

“It’s not over.”

An annual humanitarian aid caravan for Cuba stopped in Boulder to spread awareness about the current situation in Cuba.


Pastors for Peace has been conducting annual caravans to Cuba for 26 years. They bring supplies from the United States, such as clothes, computers, or sewing machines, to Cuba, as well as educate and spread awareness about the current trade embargo and travel restrictions in place.

Although there have been recent advancements in United States-Cuba relations, it still is impossible for the caravan to travel to Cuba without a special license from the Federal government. As a result, they will travel through Mexico, then ship the caravan and supplies to Cuba.

As one of 8 caravan vehicles across the country, they will continue their 50 city tour in Salt Lake City today, and continue on to the border to Mexico by the middle of the month.