Boulder Community Gathering on Policing and Racial Justice

“Get uncomfortable long enough so you can start to really examine where your brain is, where your thinking is and how you are in relation to people of color.”

Jen Watson, co founder of The Boulder Coalition and Alliance on Race (BCAR) says the group that meets to hold a space to dialogue freely around issues of race, racism and racial justice. “We practice non-violent communication, critical thinking learning and most importantly activism.”

Watson says there is a continuum of racism and a continuum of racial justice.

“…we have everyone from the person who goes home at night and thinks about racism and racial justice, to the person who wants to come to the meeting, talk about it infrequently. And then we’ve got the person who – we recently helped a young African American man in his court case – so you’ve got the people who show up at the courthouse who very much want to speak out and stand up for people of color. So with BCAR we accept everyone where they are, we meet people where they’re at and we honor that and we just offer a space for people to talk and to be honest and to grow in whatever space they need to to be a racial justice advocate.”

The Boulder Coalition and Alliance on Race and the Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center and First Congregational Church (UCC) of Boulder are hosting a Community Gathering on Policing in Boulder on Thursday July 23rd from 6-8.30pm at the First Congregational Church, Broadway and Pine in Boulder.


A certified interpreter will provide English-Spanish translation throughout the meeting. There will be a break for refreshments. Childcare will be available.