High Water Levels in Front Range Rivers Mean Dangerous Conditions

“There have been high water levels and snow has been melting since early Spring.”

Suzanne Paschke, Associate Director for Hydrologic Studies for the United States Geological Survey in Colorado says this is a high water year for Front Range rivers and creeks. Snow melt peaked mid June but the water levels have remained high due to continued rain.

South Boulder Creek High Water
High Water Along South Boulder Creek

Many rivers continue to be at flood level and ground water is high. The Boulder County Sheriff recently announced a tubing ban for Boulder Creek and the St. Vrain river. Last week a tuber died in the South Platte river in Denver and two tubers have drowned this Spring in Boulder Creek as well as a fisherman.

Paschke says that while there should be declining water levels from now on due to the snow melt having peaked, there are still sustained high flows and people should still be cautious around rivers.


People can monitor water levels throughout the state at www.waterdata.usgs.gov