Evan Young Gives Graduation Speech to Out Boulder

“That’s my biggest secret of all, I’m gay.”

Evan Young was valedictorian of his 2015 graduation class at Twin Peaks Charter School in Longmont. He was planning to reveal he was gay in his graduation speech, but school administrators stopped him from giving that speech.  The story made headlines around the world and Out Boulder, who advocated on behalf of Evan and his family with the school, invited him to give his speech at their 2015 awards garden party.

Dallin Witt, a physics teacher  at Twin Peaks Charter school, introduced Evan Young saying “Evan’s situation has shown us that not only is homophobia still rampant in many communities, but many societies still view even a passing mention of homosexuality as sexually graphic or pushing an agenda.  His courage and idealism in the face of systemic homophobia will continue to echo providing encouragement to countless youth in similarly difficult circumstances.”