Using Breath to Combat Stress

“The breath is something that is so common to everyone and is so available to anyone at any time. Just a few minutes of sitting and doing some breathing practices can bring up such deep levels of rest that may not be possible with sleep alone.”

Dinesh Kashikar has traveled around the world teaching breathing techniques and yoga to help people live with less stress. Kashikar is a senior international guest faculty with  the Art of Living Foundation which has an office in Denver .

Art of Living is a non-profit NGO whose mission it is to help create a stress free, violence free society.

Mr. Kashikar  will be presenting two workshops in Denver on Thursday May 14th, focusing on how to have mental and emotional well being while living in our modern times.


Dinesh Kashikar will be leading a workshop called: Leadership Wisdom for Modern Times: at 3 o’clock on Thursday May 14th at Denver University in the Craig Hall Community Room. At 6pm he’ll give a public talk on  Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times at The Art of Living Foundation, Unity on the Avenue, 4670 E 17th Pkwy, Denver.