Stopping Deforestation Through Direct Action and Corporate Pressure

“You can find rainforest destruction in any room of your house.”

Lindsey Allen, Executive Director of the Rainforest Action Network says that although we may live in a different country or continent from rainforests, we are all connected to this valuable resource. Products like palm oil and paper and pulp that are ubiquitous in our homes and kitchens are at the heart of a lot of the destruction of rainforests globally.  Allen says rainforests play a huge role in mitigating the effects of climate change:  “Tropical rainforests in particular are a massive storehouse for carbon.”

Lindsey Allen says RAN has had a lot of success in stopping deforestation through direct action and pressure on corporations like Disney, the biggest producer of children’s books in the world. In 2012, Disney announced a comprehensive paper policy that maximizes its use of environmentally superior papers like recycled and eliminates controversial sources like those connected to Indonesian rainforest destruction.  Lindsey Allen says other corporations could take similar pledges to support the rainforests around the world.


Lindsey Allen, Executive Director of Rainforest Action Network will speak on May 20th at the Rembrandt Yard in Boulder at 7pm. Find out more at