Denver Youth Advocate for Stricter Tobacco Regulation

“With the new flavors that tobacco companies are advertising and the new technologies that they’re using, a lot of kids are starting to think that tobacco is really cool.”

16 year old Ellen Kaufman along with 18 year old Daniel Renkert are part of a Denver based youth led initiative calling for increased regulation of tobacco sales in the city.  They’re part of a group EvolvementDenver and are part of a group that has just been named Group Youth Advocates of the Year by the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids. They’re working to have Denver city council approve a Licensed to Sell Tobacco (L2ST) Initiative.

They say that e-cigarette and vape retailers are largely unregulated and are luring more and more underage tobacco consumers.  They say requiring these retailers to be licensed will create more awareness of the dangers of selling tobacco products to those under 18.


The advocates behind the Licensed to Sell Tobacco Initiative are working with Denver City Council member Paul Lopez who they say is an advocate for their cause. They’re hoping he will introduce the ordinance to city council this Summer.