Colorado Student Competes in National Geographic Bee

“In 4th grade I got an atlas that I really got interested in and I read the whole thing and ever since 4th grade I’ve participated in the state bee, but this is the first time I won it.”

Jake Hofgard, a 7th grader at Louisville Middle School in Louisville, recently represented Colorado at the 27th annual National Geographic Bee in Washington, D.C., Jake beat out thousands of Colorado students in the state bee to get to Washington DC.

Jake and the other finalists were asked to create a video based on the prompt: “You’ve been given a special power to solve one major problem that affects both your community and the world. What is the special power? What problem would you choose to solve? Why? How would you do it?”.​  Jake chose diplomatic persuasion as his special power to solve world hunger.



Jake says he’d like to work in international relations, in the diplomatic corps or he’d be interested in being a journalist for National Geographic.