Update on Honduran Student Massacre

An education crisis in Honduras has left some students assassinated and others seriously injured after they demanded education reforms.  In protests against the current education system and against the Ministry of Education students were violently repressed by military police who used tear gas and live bullets against the children.  Most were of high school age, but some were in middle school and others were university students.

The youngest killed was 13 year old Soad Nicole Ham Bustillo (pictured below) whose body was discovered the day after a major protest in the capital Tegucigalpa.

Karen Spring is Honduras Coordinator for the Honduras Solidarity Network.  She spoke to the parents of Soad Nicole Ham Bustillo this week who said that they are not aware of any investigation into the death of their daughter.  Spring said that the narrative the Honduran corporate press is promoting serves a strategic purpose.  She compares the death squads of the 1980s to the death squads of present day: