Getting more women involved in aviation

“Aviation is a boys club. When you go out to your local airport, you don’t see a lot of other women around, so it’s not like we’re naturally welcomed into that environment.”

Amelia Earhart was teased about her name as a teenager, but she came to embrace the legacy of her famous namesake. Growing up in Southern California and Boulder Colorado she had her first flight lesson at aged 21.  2 ½ years ago she established the Fly with Amelia Foundation to provide flight training scholarships to girls all around the country. Earhart says that only 4% of commercial airline pilots are women.



amelia earhartLast year at the age of 31 she became the youngest female pilot to fly around the world.

Earhart will speak about her experience on Tuesday April 14th at 6pm at the Hotel Boulderado for the Democratic Women of Boulder County.