Dance for Parkinson’s

“People who get diagnosed with Parkinson’s have a range of things that happen to their bodies that really limit their ability, their balance. So dance has been shown to address the symptoms while also offering a really fun time.”

dance for parkinson'sViki Bromberg Psihoyos leads a weekly Dance for Parkinson’s class at the Dairy Center for the Arts in Boulder. Psihoyos leads people with Parkinson’s through specially designed dance moves and she says she has seen amazing transformations in people attending the class, regaining mobility and balance through the dance moves, as well as having a wonderful social experience.



The Dance for Parkinson’s program is the subject of an award-winning documentary Capturing Grace, which will be screened at the Dairy on Tuesday April 14th at noon and again at 7pm.  The noon screening will be followed by a special presentation of the Boulder Dance for Parkinson’s Program which is now in its second year.The 7pm screening will be followed by a discussion between Viki Bromberg Psihoyos and  filmmaker Dave Iverson via Skype on the theater screen.