Capitol Conversation: Colorado Budget

The state budget has cleared both legislative chambers but still needs to head to a conference committee to iron out differences. The end of the budget process means lawmakers will shift their attention to other bills before the end of the session on May 6th. With less than a month to go, we asked reporters Peter Marcus with the Durango Herald and Megan Schrader with the Colorado Springs Gazette to discuss some of the outstanding legislation.



School Testing

Megan Schrader: Colorado Springs Gazette “The devil’s in the details on this. Everyone seems to agree that there needs to be a reduction in the number of standardized test students are taking. Now between kindergarten and graduation they take around thirty, but no-one seems to agree what tests should be reduced.”

Peter Marcus: Durango Herald “What we’ve seen is frustration building over PARK exams, and exams in general and it sort of boiled over. And now the frustration has led to a mandate on the legislature to get something done. Unfortunately they’ve stalled, so you would have to think in the next few weeks they’re really going to feel the pressure to get something over the finish line.”

Law Enforcement Reforms

Peter Marcus: Durango Herald “When the package was unveiled there was all this talk of support from the law enforcement community and within the legislature and somewhere along the way the bills got the hearing we found out there wasn’t universal support from the law enforcement community and all the stakeholders. “

Megan Schrader: Colorado Springs Gazette “Some of them are non-starters for Republicans when they look at these issues.”