2015 Conference on World Affairs

cwa 2015This year KGNU is again hosting live on-air panels as part of the 2015 Conference on World Affairs. See below for the schedule and archives of aired broadcasts.




Monday April 6

A Public Affair 8:30-9am: Why A Face in the Crowd?

A discussion on this year’s Ebert Interruptus pick. Panelist David Bender with moderator Sam Fuqua. The film is first screened in its entirety, uninterrupted, tonight at 4pm at Macky Auditorium at CU.

Listen: (download)


Metro 3-3.30pm: Journey of Hope: A Decades-Long Struggle for Human Rights.

Panelist Magdaleno (Leno) Rose-Avila with moderator Irene Rodriguez (download)


Outsources 6.30-7pm: Sensuality and Success.

Panelist Evelyn Resh with moderator Karen Raforth. Sex, Sensuality, or Success? Evelyn is a practicing nurse-midwife, sexuality counselor, author of two books, contributing writer for Oprah.com, The Huffington Post, eHarmony and more.  Known for her warmth and humor, expect an interesting exploration of Evelyn’s insights on sex and health from an integrative health and whole-life perspective. (download)


Tuesday April 7

How On Earth 8.35-9am: Biomimicry: A new lens on Technology and Innovation.

Panelist Margo Farnsworth with moderator Kendra Krueger. (download)


Metro 3-3.30pm: The War on Drugs: Winners and Losers

Panelist Sahno Tree with moderator Samira Rajabi.

Sanho Tree is a fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies and has been director of its Drug Policy Project since 1998. This project works to end the “war on drugs” and replace it with policies that promote public health and safety, including a focus on tax-and-regulate models of cannabis control and new mechanisms to bypass the political paralysis that prevents drug policy debate. (download)


Hemispheres 6-7pm: Catalyzing Marginalized Communities in Latin America

Panelist Theresa Williamson with host Joe Richey.

Catalytic Communities (CatComm.org) founder Theresa Williamson has become an outspoken and respected advocate and informant on behalf of Rio de Janeiro’s favelas in the face of fast-paced urban transformations. With a small and agile team at CatComm, she works to promote a more creative, inclusive, and empowering integration between the city’s informal and formal communities, where favelas are recognized for their heritage status and their residents are served as equal citizens. Williamson is also editor-in-chief of RioOnWatch.org, a watchdog news site and favela news service. (download)



Wednesday April 8.

A Public Affair 8.30-9.50am (from UMC 235): Politics and the Culture of Fear

Panelists David Bender, Joe CirincioneLou Dubose, Robert George, Sanho Tree with moderator Gavin Dahl. (download)


Metro 3-3.30pm: Beyond Disability, Panelist Tamar Heller with KGNU’s Miriam Schiff.

Tamar Heller heads the Department of Disability and Human Development at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) and its University Center of Excellence in Developmental Disabilities. This department has the first and premier doctoral program in disability studies nationally. She also directs the Rehabilitation Research and Training Center on developmental disabilities and health and is a co-principal investigator of two other national centers concerned with disability policies. Her research focuses on health and long-term services and the effects of policies and practices on individuals with disabilities and their families across the life course. (download)


Thursday April 9

A Public Affair 8.35-9.30am: Kids and TechnologyPanelists Andy IhnatkoAnna Caltabiano with Maeve Conran.

inhatko-caltabiano-webAndy Ihnatko is a technology columnist for the Chicago Sun-Times and longtime contributor to many magazines and commercial tech sites. Anna Caltabiano an author of young adult fiction.


Part 1: (download)


Part 2: Andy and Anna take calls from listeners (download)


Metro 3-3.30pm: Can music bring us peacePanelist Adrean Farrugia with host Shareef Aleem.

Archive: http://www.kgnu.org/metro/4/9/2015

It’s the Economy 6-7pm: Alternative Currencies. Panelist Will O’Brien with host Liz Lane.

Archive: http://www.kgnu.org/economy/4/9/2015

Friday April 10

Connections 8.30-9.30am.: Ecological Economics. Panelist William Rees with host Roger Wendell.

Archive: http://www.kgnu.org/connections/4/10/2015

William Rees is a bio-ecologist, ecological economist, former director and professor emeritus of the University of British Columbia’s School of Community and Regional Planning. His early research focused on environmental assessment but gradually extended to the biophysical requirements for sustainability and the implications of global ecological trends.

Originally founded in 1948 as a forum on international affairs, the CWA expanded rapidly in its early years to encompass the arts, media, science, diplomacy, technology, environment, spirituality, politics, business, medicine, human rights, and so on. Roger Ebert, who participated in the CWA for four decades, always referred to the CWA as “the Conference on Everything Conceivable.”