The future of media

Journalism has always been the reliable reporting and analysis of facts and trends based on available information. But the amount of information is growing, and growing by a lot.

News organizations that gather and present the news strive to focus on quality sources and captivating storylines. But audiences now want more than just a few key headlines to focus on.

Consumers have always had an insatiable need for reliable news, but with all of the new options, most are moving towards a hyper-individualized news diet, presented in a form that matches their personality.

So what will news look like in the future? Steve Outing is a news futurist who worked in traditional print media as a reporter at the San Francisco Chronicle until the mid-1990s. Since then he’s been involved in the intersection of traditional media and the internet. He spoke on the future of news media at the DaVinci Institute in Louisville on March 10th.