Growing Gardens: Beesafe

kids with beesThe Beesafe movement in Boulder is growing and growing. In addition to several neighborhoods that are certified as being Bee Safe, there is now more choice for gardeners as to where to buy plants that are certified Bee safe. And now as Spring is here and thoughts turn to gardening, that is becoming more of an issue.

Growing Gardens gives members of the community a chance to grow their own gardens in one of the four community gardens that they have in Boulder.  The nonprofit also offers classes in gardening and bee keeping and have combined both interests by now offering plants that are certified bee-safe. Lauren Richardson with Growing Gardens told KGNU’s Jennifer Cornell that this year Growing Gardens are growing all organic and neo-nicitinoid free plants.  “I think bee-safe is two fold, being a conscientious gardener about what kind of plants you’re planting, what varieties but also planting plants that have not been sprayed with systemic pesticides.”



Growing Gardens is hosting a fundraising plant sale the first three weekends in May.