Arturo Hernandez Garcia Speaks to KGNU from Sanctuary

Arturo Hernandez Garcia (right) attending a Denver Freedom Riders Forum with his friend Arnie Carter (right).

If you live or work in Centennial, perhaps this morning you saw a group holding vigil outside of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement ICE office. What is being called the New Sanctuary Movement, the network includes Denver and supports immigrants or those without documents to remain with their families in the US.

Arturo Hernandez Garcia is currently being hosted by the First Unitarian Society of Denver. KGNU first brought you Arturo’s story when the congregation heard from others outside of Denver who hosted those fleeing Central America in the 1980s. Members later voted to support Hernandez Garcia who is fighting his deportation case and is asking for a stay of removal to remain with his wife Ana and his two daughters. He sat down with KGNU yesterday in the church.