Is criticizing the state of Israel anti-Semitic? 

“Criticizing Israeli government policies is not inherently anti-Semitic by a long shot.”

Penny Rosenwasser is a founding Board member of Jewish Voice for Peace and the author of  “HOPE into PRACTICE: Jewish Women Choosing Justice Despite our Fears”, a book to help Jewish woman find the courage to speak out about issues of Israel/Palestine.  She says that criticizing Israeli government policies is no more anti-Semitic than criticizing American government policies is anti-American.



Rosenwasser will speak on “Is Opposing Israel’s Policies Anti-Semitic?” on Sunday March 1st from 3-5pm at Augustana Lutheran Church, 5000 E Alameda at Fairfax in  Denver and on Monday March 2nd at 7pm at Eaton Humanities Building, Room 150, on the CU Boulder campus.