Earth First’s Dave Foreman + David Amram

On Hemispheres, Elana Klaver speaks with long time environmental activist Dave Foreman, one of the founders of Earth First!, on his new book, Man Swarm, on the connections between overpopulation and the devastation of Earth’s wild spaces and wildlife.

Dave Foreman:


Next, Elena Klaver speaks with David Amram on his over six decades of music ranging from classical to film scores to world music and jazz, as well as his involvement with social and cultural movements from the Beat Generation writers to the present.  The author of a number of books, as well as an award winning composer, musician and collaborator, he is a tireless advocate of involvement with music and cultures and people that create it. David Amram will speaking at eTown Hall in Boulder on February 12 for a screening of the film about his life and times, “David Amram: The First 80 Years”.

Listen to the Conversation with David Amram: