Natural Resource Damage Program at The Rocky Mountain Arsenal

The Rocky Mountain Arsenal just outside of Denver was one of the most polluted areas in the country having been the site of chemical weapons manufacture and then pesticide and herbicide manufacture. After its designation as a superfund site, it was the subject of a massive clean-up operation and much of the site is now a wildlife refuge. The Colorado Attorney General’s office recently announced that the remaining funds designated for Natural Resource Damages at the arsenal will be dispersed in 2015. Vicky Peters spent much of her career as an attorney with the state of Colorado, working on the Rocky Mountain Arsenal settlement. She says that the Natural Resource Damages program is an important facet of the Superfund law and is the culmination of a 34 year effort to restore or replace natural resources that were injured at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal throughout its long history of environmental damage.

There are several sites in Colorado that are participating in the Natural Resource Damages program, these range from mining sites on the Upper Arkansas river to the Lowry Landfill Superfund Site in Aurora.