Fracking the Front Range

Dan Leftwich is a local oil and gas attorney who has been working with communities fighting fracking. He has Worked with Our Longmont, Our Broomfield, residents in Windsor and other communities around the Front Range. Even with the absence of state legislation allowing local control of oil and gas activities, Leftwich says there are still things that individuals and communities can do to stop and limit fracking operations close to their homes. Leftwich says he has noticed an increase in the intensity of oil and gas operations along the Front Range.

Leftwich has been working with members of the newly formed Pleasant View Action Group, a community in East Boulder County and West Weld County that is taking action to stop or significantly reduce and mitigate an industrial sized Drilling facility and 12 wells that Encana is planning on putting into the rural community.

The view from the property of Carl and Amanda DelDufo in Western Weld County. A large fracking operation is being proposed to the west of their property. They and some neighbors are working with Dan Leftwich to stop the process.

Listen to an extended interview with Dan Leftwich where he discusses some of the global dynamics that are pushing an increase in oil and gas activity in Colorado. Leftwich also discusses New York State’s fracking moratorium and compares that to what is happening in Colorado.