Community Action Against Fracking in Western Weld County

Carl Del Tufo and his neighbors in Pleasant View Ridge in West Weld County, right on the edge of East Boulder County, were surprised to hear that a large fracking operation was planned right in their midst. The community is no stranger to fracking but the size and scope of the new operation planned for 2015 caught them by surprise, particularly as most of the neighbors hadn’t been informed about the plans by Encana. The oil company is planning an industrial sized drilling facility with 12 wells in this long established rural community. The neighbors have formed a group: Protect Pleasant View Community. The proposed sites are 1200 feet west of Carl Del Tufo’s house, roughly the same distance from a couple of other houses. Within the current law, the oil company only has to inform neighbors if the planned operation is within 1000 feet of a home. Encana’s application is now before the COGCC and there is a public comment period for the next month.