Colorado Startup Launches Ecological Wastewater Project in The Gambia

Agua Inc. has initiated the world’s largest ecological wastewater treatment project of its kind in The Gambia of West Africa. For the past year, the Colorado-based startup has been working over one year, under Agua Gambia Ltd., initiate a historical project: create the largest wastewater treatment system in a developing country…using only macrofitas. The project, situated in the Kotu region, will create clean water from sewage for over 200,000 people while serving as the only system at a significant capacity in the Republic of The Gambia. The system will replace wastewater ponds that create unfavorable living conditions, lead to environmental degradation, and pose serious health issues to local farmers and citizens. The project success is attributed to a private-public partnership between Agua Gambia Ltd. and the National Water and Electricity Company. We hear from Bianca Griffith, CEO of Agua Inc.