Capitol Coverage: Legislative Previews

Capitol Coverage features a series of interviews with legislative leaders as part of the coverage of the upcoming 2015 legislative sessions. Bente Birkeland spoke with Senate Minority Leader Morgan Carroll, House Minority Leader Brian DelGrosso, and Dickey Lee Hullinghorst.

Senate Minority Leader Morgan Carroll

Republicans now have a one-seat majority in the state Senate. Bente Birkeland sits down with former senate president and incoming minority leader Morgan Carroll to discuss the upcoming legislative session. This interview is part of a series with legislative leaders. However, the incoming Republican Senate President refused repeated requests to discuss his party’s legislative agenda and priorities. (click here for text summary)

House Minority Leader Brian DelGrosso

Colorado’s legislative session begins on January 7th. Bente Birkeland talks to house minority leader Brian DelGrosso about his party’s top priorities and the gains the GOP made in the state. (click here for text summary)

Dickey Lee Hullinghorst

The state House will have a new speaker when the legislature returns. Bente Birkeland discuss the upcoming session with Dickey Lee Hullinghorst, and talks about her her party’s priorities. (click here for text summary)