Sand Creek Massacre Commemoration Events

On Saturday, November 15th 1pm-3:30 pm Motus Theater and The Boulder Public Library Present: Part One of Rocks Karma Arrows Film & Panel Discussion on the Legacy of Sand Creek at the Canyon Theater, Boulder Public Library: 1001 Arapahoe Ave, Boulder, CO 80302: Rock Karma Arrows Act 1 (1hr) explores the Sand Creek Massacre with a focus on how this history is woven into the founding of Boulder, Colorado. Panelist include:

· Ray Ramirez from the Native American Rights Fund

· Tom Thomas, Historian & Project Manager at the Sand Creek Massacre National Historic Site

· Ava Hamilton, Arapaho, Documentary Filmmaker

· Elicia Goodsoldier, Dine’/Spirit Lake Dakota, Historical Trauma Specialist,

Motus Theater and the Boulder Public Library are hosting this event in honor of 2014 Commemoration of the Sand Creek Massacre.

We hear from Kirsten Wilson, producer of Rocks Karma Arrows and Ray Ramirez with the Native American Rights Fund.