Election Night 2014 Special Coverage

We feature the following interviews during our live 2014 Election Night coverage.


Jim Banks speaks with Colorado Independent reporter Mike Litwin about both Democratic and Republican Party’s expectations going into the elections, and what the close race reflects about state and national political attitudes and the effects a Party shift would have in the State government.


Greg Palast speaks with KGNU’s Claudia Cragg about the disenfranchisement of minority voters and racially tainted voter purges.


A lot could change regarding environmental issues if both houses of congress become Republican as a result of Election Day. Heather McWilliams spoke with William Boyd, associate law professor at the University of Colorado about how shifts in the political environment post-election could shift policy around the actual environment.


Colorado enacted a raft of modifications to voting procedures in 2014.  Heather McWilliams spoke with University of Colorado Law professor Scott Moss to tease out how the new laws compare to those in the rest of the country and what the political impacts might be.


A change in the makeup of the Senate could make a difference for the countless migrants who are hoping for comprehensive immigration reform. Claudia Cragg spoke with Jennifer Piper with the American Friends Service Committee about what’s at stake for immigration reform in these elections.


Once again Colorado voters are being asked to decide on a personhood ballot measure.  Similar initiatives have been defeated in past elections. Claudia Cragg spoke to Cathy Alderman, Vice President, Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains about on Amendment 67.


The Affordable Health Care Act or Obama Care has been used as a canvassing tool by some Republicans running in this year’s election.  Claudia Cragg spoke with Chip Murphy, For New Health Care Reform, an organization Certified by Connect4HealthCO about what’s at stake for health care in this election and how the discussion on healthcare reform has been focused in this election season.