Bee Safe Boulder Asks Local Businesses to Pledge to Sell Bee Safe Products

3 weeks ago, the Bee Safe neighborhood movement started a retail pledge campaign in Boulder County. They’re asking retailers to take a 6 step pledge to commit to not selling plants and starts that have neonicotinoids and other pesticides toxic to bees. Maeve Conran spoke with David Wheeler and Molly Greacen from Bee Safe Boulder about these efforts, and how people in the community, along with local and national businesses, are working provide plants and other garden products that are safe for insects and other animals.

There are 10 stores that have taken the bee safe pledge. On June 26th, the day after the Friends of the Earth released their press release on neonics and bees, Home Depot announced that as of the fourth quarter of this year they will label plants that have been treated with neonicotinoids. The Bee safe coalition say they’ll be holding Home Depot to their promise and they’re also targeting other big box retailers.



Bee Safe volunteers have contacted 85 stores in Boulder County and so far ten stores have taken the pledge.

Listen to Molly Greacen read the Bee Safe pledge for retailers.