Louisville Teen Appointed to National Student Poets Program

Maeve Conran speaks with Julia Falkner, a senior at Monarch High School in Louisville, Colorado, who has been appointed by The President’s Committee on the Arts and the Humanities as one of five teen poets in the 3rd annual class of the National Student Poets Program (NSPP). As part of the appointment, she’ll be giving readings and leading workshops in the community on the importance of writing in one’s academic, personal and professional life.


Julia’s poem Rotten Tomatoes Review Disguised as a Love Poem, was part of her winning portfolio of poetry.



Julia says poetry has been a large part of her life and it allows her to express herself.



Julia Falkner (Courtesy of the National Student Poets Program)

Above photo: First Lady Michelle Obama hosts a poetry reading in honor of the 2014 National Student Poets (from left: Cameron Messinides, Madeleine LeCesne, Ashley Gong, Julia Falkner and Weston Clark) in the Blue Room of the White House, Sept. 18, 2014. (Photo by Paul Morse for the National Student Poets Program)