Conflict Resolution: Divorce

Are there actually ways to maneuver successfully through the muddy waters of broken relationships, parenting plans and changing expectations? What tools can a person who is negotiating a divorce use to create the best results with the least stress? When is solving more valuable than being right and getting even?

As part of our quarterly conflict resolution series Sam Fuqua and co-host Mary Zinn discuss divorce and its impact with our panel of experts.

Joining today are John Rymers & Terry Harrington. John Rymers is a mediator and Licensed Professional Counselor. His practice has mostly been in the area of domestic relations, working with high-conflict divorce clients as a mediator, custody evaluator, Child and Family Investigator (CFI) and as an arbitrator.

Terry Harrington is a mediator, collaborative divorce attorney, and President of the Colorado Collaborative Law Professionals.

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