Over a Hundred Turn Out to Call for Police Accountability and an End to Police Violence

On July 2, 2014, Denver Police shot and killed unarmed 20-year old Ryan Ronquillo outside of his friend’s funeral in the parking lot of the Romero Family Funeral Home in Northwest Denver.  Witnesses said that he left the funeral momentarily in grief just to step outside and that unmarked police cars sped into the parking lot causing confusion among those who were present.   He was reportedly shot 12 times while in his car.

The District 1 Denver Police Department (DPD) released a statement asserting that Ronquillo was using his car as a weapon when he put it in reverse, but the family and witnesses dispute this claim and further denounce that “Ryan was left to die, choking on his own blood, as police denied medical help at the scene and instead waited for paramedics to arrive before any aid was administered.” Witnesses also objected to the officer’s actions at a location where so many children were present.

The DPD allege that they surveilled Ronquillo all morning and were in the process of serving a warrant for “auto theft and other felonies.” The department further acknowledged that although police considered Ronquillo a “flight risk,” no police officers were under the impression that he was armed and dangerous.

The Ronquillo family has been limiting contact with the press.  KGNU has approached family members three times for extended interviews, but it wasn’t until yesterday that we were able to take comments from Ronquillo’s father Martin, mother April, and sister Sharise.

The following is footage taken yesterday at a March for Justice event that met at the same funeral home where Ronquillo was killed and later marched to the local District 1 police station in Denver.



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