David Ocelotl: muralist for Americas Latino Eco Festival

David Ocelotl is a Denver based mural artist who is bringing his talent to the Dairy Center for the Arts in Boulder next week as he paints a giant mural on the outside of the building to be unveiled during the upcoming  Americas Latino Eco Festival happening in early September. He stopped by the KGNU studios to talk to Maeve Conran.


Above: David Ocelotl – Sisters Of Color United For EducationUitzilopochtli means “Left hand Hummingbird also known as the hummingbird warrior,” is one of the deities of the Aztec, the Mexihca people. Southern direction also the direction of the warrior. The South holds the center of the sun, the ollin/balance, place of growth, energy and creation; it is also the place of the child and the music, poetry, and the art.